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It’s an eye opener to the non-clinical applications of medicine. I get real opportunities to make real money.
— Attending Physician, Weill Cornell Medicine
With the help of MDG, I’ve consulted on a project, and produced a high quality video to enhance my resume
— Cardiologist, Northwell Health

Better is possible.

A tech-enabled program for healthcare groups, with personalized services and support.


Contribute your medical expertise to media outlets, digital health companies, and impact the future of healthcare in new ways.


Participate in market research studies, join reviewer panels, do virtual consults, and find hundreds of other non-clinical opportunities.


A virtual assistant simplifies decisions and provides you with options that best match your goals and preferences.


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Our network is compromised of doctors in 15+ different specialties, many from top institutes like Baylor, Cornell, Duke, Johns Hopkins, and UCSF.  We match them with information, experts, opportunities and resources that make it easier than ever for them to learn more, and earn more.

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